Hello there friends! I am excited to be sharing a new Eco-Friendly find today. I had the opportunity to collaborate with the wonderful company and people from MyMakeupBrushSet . Their makeup brush set is absolutely amazing. Also, with christmas right around the corner they would make a wonderful gift! 

The Ten Piece Bamboo set is made with purpose. It is produced from all natural and recycled materials! The brushes truly do make applying makeup flawless and easy. Who doesn't need some of these? Am I right or am I right ha.

Remember that beauty on the outside is magnified by the beauty that one posseses on the inside! Inner beauty is the light that pierces those that surround you.  Keep things beautiful babes.   

Hope all is well everyone, details below!  

P.S.  Hope you enjoy this lil video, I did do this without a mirror and I am talking to myself on accident because I failed to think about these things before filming haha. Oh well better luck with it next time! :D

Much Love,

-Lil Bradley 




Hi Friends, woke up this morning for a 6:30am run and workout. It is always so hard for me to get up but after finishing I always end up feeling so good for the rest of the day. It's always worth it eventually ha

I am so excited to have a new Ethical and Eco Friendly find for you today. The company is State of Bodhi . It is run by a very good friend of mine, Emily Adams (Principle artist for Ballet West) and her gal Marcia, both are inspiring women. The two truly do portray a company that "cultivates honesty and relationships," with meaningful and unique products that make every person who wears their sustainable clothing feel comfortable. They believe that when comfortable people are able to portray the best versions of themselves. Their Sustainable clothing is an avenue to sharing this vision and goal with others. I love everything about what they do. Their work to create sustainable clothing portrays "creativity and compassion" for everyone. Plus, who isn't in need of some good workout clothing! This Prowess top and Classic Harem pant are both such great pieces! It definitely called for a comfy, classical, and unique workout look. I love it and so have others. The top has sold out but ( just couldn't wait to get it posted) it will be COMING BACK SOON! 

P.S. Everything on their site is available for pre-orders with 10% off! You can get an additional 10% discount by using the code LILLIANBRADLEY on any of your purchases. I hope your having a great Friday and weekend! 

Much Love, 

-Lil Bradley 






I have never enjoyed a hip pack as much as this one. I recently purchased a hand bag from Rice Love, and I had to go back for more! I am the kind of person that always has a million things in my hand, which made this pack very convenient for me. Haven't been able to stop using it on repeat, so fun! Rice Love has a wonderful collection of bags.

They have a goal to give 1 million kilos of rice by the year 2020, now that is inspiring! "For every bag you buy, you are feeding a family in need." I am always happy having a piece of hope with me where ever I go. Go get your hip pack or any other Rice Love item for a thoughtful purchase this Fri-Yay. Just a reminder that you can get a 20% discount by using the code LILLIBRADLEY on all of your Rice Love purchases, details for this hip pack below! 




Last weekend I had the opportunity to participate in the 2nd Annual Fair Trade Fashion Show Fundraiser hosted by Bead and Reel for the Peace Exchange. The event was a huge success. Shop the runway looks by visiting their webpage! 

The highlight of the trip, for me, was the stunning fashion and the incredible people I had the opportunity to meet. I left L. A. over the  weekend having built many new long lasting relationships and with a piece of advice that will forever stick with me. Sica Schmitz, founder of Bead and Reel, mentioned that clothing should always be about comfort and never about compromising your personal values. They should stand as a representation of who you are inside and out. Thanks for constantly offering that in your clothing Bead and Reel! I feel that my values are always being represented every time I wear their clothing. I absolutely love this trust worthy brand! 

Finding what makes you comfortable and feel beautiful both inside and out is so important! Bead and Reel recognizes and executes this in all they do. I feel like there is something for everyone in their clothing line. I love all that they have to offer and this beautiful peace of advice. Hope these wise words are as insightful for you as they were for me! 

Much Love, 

-Lil Bradley 




Today's post is all about Mata Traders clothing. I love this dress and all their fairtrade clothing and accessories! As you know from previous posts I am all about comfy, well fitting, and stylish dresses. You can find this and more when you visit the Mata Traders webpage. This dress is a fan favorite.

Also, for today's post I wanted to share some advice and a new quote that WNBA Olympic Gold Medalist Ruthie Bolton shared with me a few days ago. Together, we did a short interview segment about our efforts to help others and inspire change. She shared a quote with me, which is now her life motto, that says "to the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world" (by Bill Wilson). This quote is pure genius! I think it is important to remember that to give acts of kindness, serve others and help in the ways we can means much more to those we help then we often realize. In many instances it means everything to them. The world is a big place. From this perspective bigger than the world is ones ability to help others within their circle of influence. I challenge you to be someone's world. If you have an experience to share please write it below! Feel free to adopt this quote as your new motto if you haven't already. I sure am, thanks Ruthie! 

Much love everyone! Wishing you all a great week, 

-Lil Bradley 




I am a huge fan of comfortable clothes that fit and look great but who isn't right? Synergy Organic Clothing is my go to eco-friendly brand for extremely comfortable clothes. Their clothes are made from certified organic cotton and other eco-friendly fibers. The pants I have on in todays post are the softest pants I have ever worn! The material is seriously amazing! Another great thing about their clothing is that it helps provide income to help over 150 women in Nepal rise above poverty. Every thread goes towards helping the lives of others and making a difference! Synergy gives these women a way to work from home and support their families. Learn more about Synergy on their webpage and shop their incredibly comfortable clothing line. Details for the jeans are below. I challenge you all to find a source of comfort in your own lives this week. Wether that be comfort through clothing, life in general, confidence, hope, service or joy. Strive to attain it always. 

Also, I had the opportunity to be featured as a guest on the Synergy blog. Be sure to visit and read more about this "Peacebuilding Fashionista." 

Much love everyone, 

-Lil Bradley  






Happy Saturday everyone! I am so excited to announce that I will be modeling on the catwalk for  the Bead and Reel fashion show on July 16th in L.A. If you haven't gotten tickets yet visit  their site to purchase them and get more details. 

For today's post I am styling the gorgeous Amour Vert dress from Bead and Reel. It is made from a passion of global awareness and  every stitch is made with quality. This sustainable eco-freindly dress helps move us towards creating a cleaner world. One of my favorite things about this dress is how comfortable it is, not only on my skin, but for my conscious as well. The material is so soft, and the fit is fantastic!  

Today I have been thinking more about ways to incorporate more sustainability in my own life. This dress is a good start for me. I really do believe in sustainability. We live in a world that just keeps moving faster, where people are more concerned about the quick fix than the sustainable one. This is not particularly a bad thing, efficiency is great. I just hope to incorporate more of a sustainable mentality in all that I do. I hope to create changes in the world that will stand the test of  time and be long lasting!

Hope that you all have a wonderful Saturday. Wish you all the best! 

Much Love,

-Lil Bradley 




Living in Hawaii is a blast but sometimes the constant warm weather can leave you sweating up a storm throughout the day. I have found that dresses keep me cool. I am constantly looking for dresses that are comfortable, cute and easy to wear.  The new company I and sharing with you day has just the right dresses to fit what I am looking for and more! I am so excited to be sharing a new ethical fashion find for purpose with you. This is the  Daydream Dress (Blue) from  Mata Traders . They have an incredible supply of dresses, that I personally love, and they are a company that focuses on empowering women by encouraging gender equality in India and Nepal. They partner with fair trade organizations to ensure that their clothing is NOT being made through child labor or unethical circumstances. Everything they produce is to help empower women and create change in the world. Learn more about them by visiting their site. Plus, look at this gorgeous dress! Honestly, I love the styles that they make. You can't go wrong with this purchase for change. Mata Traders has many more amazing dresses and other wonderful items! 

I love the opportunity to blog and partner with companies like this who inspire me. Fashion can be fair, classy, stylish, inexpensive, and help others all at the same time. Mata Traders shows us that this is possible a long with many other wonderful companies all over the world. It is so comforting to me to wear clothing like this because I know that it means something not only for me but also for someone else. It is more than just fabric, it is fabric that makes a difference and represents change, love it! 

Much Love, 

-Lil Bradley 





Todays's post is all about being the wave of change you wish to see. I have been inspired by the new fair-trade company called The Tote Project. Representing this incredible company is an absolute honor!  If you have not visited their page you SHOULD! They literally have the best totes and are using the revenue from selling these totes to help survivors of modern day slavery. Here is their Free To Ride (Wave Edition). I take it everywhere! There are a variety of these amazing totes that you honestly will just love! The Tote Project is changing lives and you can do the same with a purchase. 

Okay here are a few tips I have for riding the wave of change. I have worked with incredible people to start a non-profit, raise awareness on modern day slavery, promote fairtrade fashion and more! Throughout all these endeavors I have been blessed to have found success. How can you do this? Start with finding your passion. Everyone is gifted and talented in some ways. Use those talents that you have to make a difference. Push yourself and do what works for you. Use your creativity and let the best you shine. Next, have a vision and find support. Know what the end goal is, then find people that share the same end goal as you. Last, proceed with action. Nothing moves forward without action. You have to get started, using what you have, then just go for it! Things honestly, for the most part, don't turn out the way you expect they will. Let your vision be your guide then let the pieces to the puzzle fall into place as you give your best effort towards being a wave of change. Don't let anything hold you back go after what you want. Take the necessary steps to achieving your goals, have a plan but don't get stuck on it, go with the flow, and enjoy the process of trying to reach your goals. 

Much Love, 

-Lil Bradley 


Free To Ride (Wave Edition)



Okay literally fell in love with this Madison Maxi Skirt and the new company that I collaborated with,  Bead & Reel. They have completely ethical clothing. This skirt has the best fabric, is flattering and feels amazing on! Visit their site, look at all their wonderful clothes, and read more about their mission and vision. Buying anything from them is a purchase with purpose! 

Much Love,

-Lil Bradley 




Went shopping at the local fruit stand with this new bag that gives back. The bag that I have on is from Rice Love. This companies products go towards helping give bags of rice to families in India who can not afford it. By supporting their brand you can BUY A BAG and FEED A FAMILY I have found that this bag is so convenient. I take it everywhere I go and I love the style. It is made with recycled material, which gives it a burlap type of style that is unique and looks great! Take part in buying a bag so that you can feed a family, 

Much love, 

-Lil Bradley 




There is a lot more coming from Hands Producing Hope. Here is one of their great head pieces. This is the Amelia headband, one of my favorites. It is easy to use and comes in a variety of colors. The details for the headband are below. Whatever you purchase will go to help someones life for the better in Costa Rica or Rwanda. Don't wait to make your purchase for change. 

Much Love! 

-Lil Bradley 



Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 11.26.24 PM.png

Oh what hands can do... I am extremely excited to be launching my first blogpost.  I hope that my posts can inspire you to actively engage in making a difference. I have learned that making a difference starts with action. Go after the change you wish to see in the world. Making a difference can start with you! With this blog I hope to empower change through apparel. To start, I have teamed up with handsproducinghope to promote their beautiful jewelry for purpose. Not only does this organization have beautiful jewelry, they also have a powerful mission and vision to give hope to the people of Costa Rica and Rwanda.  They got me to stop and think about how useful our hands are both individually and collectively. We can give, serve and create positive influential change. I am very impressed with this organization and what they have done to help others. I hope you will join me on this journey. Hopefully overtime, with your support, this blog can be an inspired fashion movement for change for many people from all over the world.  

Much love! 

-Lil Bradley